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Injection moulding

  • Development and design
  • Injection moulds
  • Injection moulding
  • Final assembly
  • Quality control

Injection moulding

The injection moulding department has been equipped with the latest injection moulding machines since its foundation in 2003.

We are able to offer you complete services in this area, from design of the moulds, over their high-quality manufacturing in own tool shop, up to production (incl. parts with metal inserts) and deliveries of plastic products right on schedule. Our plastic parts find broad application in the electronic, automotive or consumer industry. All manufacturing processes are subject to quality management system and environment.

Well-coordinated team of professionals with many years of experience and modern machinery of our moulding department guarantee high quality of our plastic parts.

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Injection moulding machines and automation

We use both electrical and hydraulic modern injection presses made by prestigious companies Arburg and Wittmann Battenfeld with closing force 35 - 300 tons (mouldings to 500 grams) including robotic systems crafted by ABB and Wittmann. Injection on horizontal and vertical injection presses gives us the ability to overmould cables and metal inserts. We process mostly technical plastics (PP, PE, PS, SAN, ABS, PMMA, POM, PA, PETP, PBTP, PUR, PEI, PC+ABS, TPE) and many more according to specific consumer requirements.

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Within the complex services we also offer

Development and design

Our tool designers have long-standing experiences with the development and design of single and multicavity moulds with hot systems and cold inlets, moulds for setting of metal inserts (overmoulding), moulds with hydraulic and pneumatic systems, stack moulds and moulds for thin-walled parts. In addition to moulds for plastic parts, we also design and produce stamping tools for metal forming (rolling cutting tools, combined block and bending tools). We use CAD/CAM system Unigraphics NX8.5. This software allows us to create 3D models and subsequently 2D details of individual components. At the same time we perform a mold-flow analysis of injection moulding using software Cadmould from the company SIMCON. Preparation of programs for wire cutting machines is solved by PEPS.

Production of injection moulds

We develop, prepare 3D design (including mould-flow simulation) and produce injection moulds for your plastic parts. Our engineers have long-standing experiences with the design of single and multicavity moulds with hot runner systems and cold channels, moulds for setting of metal inserts (overmoulding), moulds with hydraulic and pneumatic systems, stack moulds and moulds for thin-walled parts. Using these moulds we produce plastic products from different types of thermoplastic materials. All manufacturing processes are subject to quality management system and environment. The maximum possible weight of injection moulds is currently (considering our machinery equipment) about 2800 kg (900 x 600 x 600 mm).

Final assembly

We provide an assembly of final products by using special purpose machines and ultrasonic welding equipment. This highly productive technology allows assembly of more plastic parts even made of different materials with a focus on strength, tightness and feature of the subcomponents including the possibility to use metal parts/inserts. Currently we are using modern ultrasonic welding machines DUKANE IQ Servo Press with frequency of 20 kHz.

Quality control

For inspection of manufactured parts for injection moulds, stamping tools and electrodes but also for the measurement of the first samples of plastic or metal parts we are using 3D CMM Wenzel LH 87, 3D CMM Werth Scope-Check FB/Z and 3D measuring microscope Mitutoyo MF-B2017C. Mass-produced plastic or metal parts are regularly visually inspected and measured according to the control documentation. On customer request, the SPC process control of important characteristics is done by analyzing of measured data using 3D CMM Wenzel LH 65, profile projector Mitutoyo PJ-A 3000, 3D measuring microscope Mitu¬toyo MF-B2017C and SW Q-DAS/Hexagon - O-QIS and QS-STAT.

What does the cooperation look like?

  • 01The Business Stage

    Submission and assessment of the inquiry. Followed by the processing of the inquiry and preparation of an offer. Once the offer is agreed the contract is being signed.

  • 02Preparation of a project

    Technical consultation regarding the design of a specific part, concept of an injection mould and customer’s requirements on quality.

  • 03Development and design of the mould

    Development and design of an injection mould in CAD/CAM system Unigraphics (including the mould flow analysis) takes approximately 3-4 weeks.

  • 04Production of the injection mould

    Once the construction is signed off, the production of the injection mould begins in our own tool shop. The production takes 8-12 weeks depending on the complexity and the number of cavities.

  • 05Testing of the mould

    Testing the mould in own moulding department followed by an immediate dispatch of the first samples to the customer. The complete measurement report (ISIR) is sent additionally.

  • 06Mould (parts) approval

    Possible corrections of injection mould and its final approval by the customer for serial production.

  • 07Serial production of the plastic parts

    Mass-production of the injection moulded parts (including overmoulding with metal parts) according to the orders and forecast from the customer.

  • 08Assembly

    In the case of customer demand, we can provide an assembly of several plastic and metal parts together. We use single purpose and ultrasonic welding machines.

  • 09Inspection

    Serially produced plastic parts are regularly visually checked and measured according to the customer´s specification.

  • 10Warehouse and dispatch

    Serially produced plastic parts and assemblies are stored here and delivered by an internal or an external carrier.

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Technical Manager

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